Data Wipes

Are you donating, selling or otherwise disposing of your old data tapes? Have you thought about the security risks that come with passing your equipment to a third party? Do you simply want to reuse your old DLT tapes and give them a fresh start?

Are you tired of the endless lines across your television screen from old VHS tapes or want to improve the quality of your old cassette tapes?

Degaussing completely erases magnetic media including DLT, VHS, Cassette, and LTO* tapes. It can also be used to completely erase Floppy Disks. This ensures that your confidential business information, financial information, personal pictures and other personal files will not end up in someone else's possession.

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* As degaussing erases all data on the LTO tape including some factory formatting, it will not be usable once it has been degaussed.