Degaussing is one of the most secure methods of getting rid of information that you do not want in the possession of anyone else. It effectively destroys many types of media so that not only is there no way to get the data back, but the media itself is rendered unusable. This gives you the peace of mind that your data is safe.

There is reusable media that can be completely erased, but not rendered unusable through degaussing. Erasing such media in this way allows you or your business to save money by selling old tapes instead of having them physically destroyed. This is because degaussing erases data just as well as physical destruction, leaving you with a tape in working order that you can sell to bring some money back into your business.

Degaussing is a very safe and secure method of rendering your data irretrievable. It presents a permanent, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for your old DLT tapes.

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*As degaussing erases all data on the hard drive including some factory formatting, it will not be usable once it has been degaussed.